Moving Sensitive Data to the Hybrid Cloud: Four W’s to Consider

Each day at AFORE, we work with business enterprises and cloud service providers who are taking advantage of the benefits that the hybrid cloud has to offer. We believe that the significant growth we’re seeing with hybrid cloud deployments will only continue to increase. In fact, Gartner recently stated that “Nearly half of large enterprises […]

Securing private data in the public cloud

As public cloud computing continues to gain strong momentum, the vendor landscape for IaaS is rounding out nicely with Amazon Web Services (AWS) the clear leader of the pack.   Focussing on the enterprise application space, from my observation, a significant amount of customers cloud projects over the past few years fell into two major buckets: […]

HIPAA – When healthcare providers move their data to the cloud

Healthcare providers have a lot to contend with these days. Beyond the constant demands to improve the quality of patient care and operating efficiencies, healthcare organizations are experiencing dramatic changes in information technology with the emergence of Electronic Healthcare Records systems, mobile computing and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) as well as cloud and virtualized computing platforms. While […]

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AFORE at ASIS 2013

Visit us at ASIS 2013 Seminar and Exhibits, September 24 – 26, 2013, booth #283 at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. To set up a meeting please contact: James LaPalme, VP Sales & Marketing by email

Defending your data

  These days your data needs protection more than ever. AFORE has teamed with EMC army of vSpecialists and SEs to fight for security of the enterprise data.

Dealing With Persistent Threats – A cloudy business (Part III)

In my last blog, I discussed some of the broader aspect of advanced persistent threats and I promised to touch on the subject of these threats when it comes to cloud computing. When it comes to cloud computing, there are a lot of security fears flying around. Some of these fears are well founded while […]

Dealing with Persistent Threats (Part Deux)

Most security systems currently deployed within organizations focus on access control, malware/virus detection and network edge protection (i.e. firewalls, DLP, etc…). Unfortunately, none of these security systems is very useful when it comes to dealing with Advanced Persistent Threats. Now I’m not saying that everyone should go off and get rid of these mechanisms since […]

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Dealing with Advanced Persistent Threats

So this is the first of several blogs where I want to write on the subject of advanced persistent threats, or APTs for short. Unlike viruses and malware that are spammed at hundreds of millions of users in the hopes that a few of them will get suckered in, APTs are totally different. Wikipedia defines […]

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Embracing Bring Your Own Cloud with Security and Manageability

Public cloud service is growing rapidly.  For example, in 2012 Amazon AWS doubled its revenue to over $2 billion US from $1 billion in 2011.  With my experience of using public cloud services for cloud based storage, product testing and customer demonstration, the cloud service on-boarding is so easy such that in a few minutes […]

Train What?…

Recently, I was involved in a lively discussion about training as a tool to enhance data security in the enterprise world. This is obviously not a new discussion, but it’s always an interesting debate and I certainly love to revisit it once in a while. When we talk about this subject, we need to make […]

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Look Inside…

I learned of yet another major data leak event happening, this one happening at the HRSDC (Human Resources and Skills Development of Canada). Based on the details published by the government, the data was lost when a removable storage device (i.e. a USB disk) with unencrypted data went missing. Data leakage events such as this […]

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Encryption is essential in cloud computing and big data age

I can still recall that my first data analytics project was about using SAS and DB2 to analyse social and economic statistical data in the amount of megabytes which were stored on floppy disks. Analysing unstructured content was a big challenge then and involved a great deal of manual indexing, labeling and structuring work.  Thanks […]

Persistent Data Protection to defeat APTs

Today we are all facing increasingly advanced and persistent cyber threats. Numerous security breaches have proven that relying on existing perimeter-based security solutions and end point anti-virus solutions is not sufficient. A recent study found that, on average, zero-day attacks escape detection for ten months. Within these ten months, businesses often become victims, suffering loss […]

AFORE’s CloudLink® Secure VSA Achieves Amazon® AWS Support

Award winning CloudLink® Encryption Solution now supports Amazon® EC2 and VPC Public Cloud enabling enterprises to completely and independently encrypt their active data. Download the press release (PDF):

Fortress to Ciphers – the Evolution of Defense

Fortresses, castles, trenches, moats – along with battleships and interceptor jets of yesteryear – were the mainstay for defense against intruders, but are now history, museum pieces or forgotten. The backdrop of last week’s CSA Congress in Orlando reminded me of that. I was one of a small group of speakers at the CSA Congress […]