Carrier Ethernet Software

InterPort™ Software Solutions

AFORE’s experience in providing Carrier Ethernet solutions has garnered worldwide attention by many world class next generation networking equipment manufacturers. The InterPort™ technology consists of a suite of portable, standard based, Ethernet OEM software modules, reference designs, and subsystems which can be licensed to AFORE’s customers to accelerate product development.


AFORE’s InterPort™ modules are platform and OS independent. The modules have well defined interfaces including OS Abstraction APIs, Data Path & Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) callbacks and APIs and Control & Management APIs. These APIs enable portability to various platforms using different operating systems and different data plane designs whether FPGA or ASIC, network processor or hypervisor based solutions.


InterPort™ offers comprehensive solutions for:

InterPort Technology coupled with custom development accelerates customer deployment of new networking platforms while delivering leading edge capabilities. AFORE’s licensable SW and subsystems technology solutions are available for Ethernet business services, broadband access, wireless backhaul or Data Center and Cloud network applications.


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