Cloud Security & Data Encryption

Security and Compliance for the Cloud

Concerns over cloud security, compliance, manageability, performance, and reliability have been the biggest barriers to the more rapid and wide-spread adoption of cloud services. New technologies such as cloud-based file sharing and mobile devices make data more mobile than ever and new ways for sensitive data to leave an organization unauthorized emerge every day. As if this weren’t challenging enough, organizations face the growing menace of increasingly sophisticated Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) which place their intellectual property, customer data, brands, and ultimately, financial stability at risk.


AFORE data encryption solutions protect cloud and virtualized environments including storage, application servers and hosted virtual desktops (VDI) while ensuring customers retain full control of the encryption keys.

For details on how we can help you secure your cloud, take a deeper look at some of our data encryptions solutions.


AFORE  CloudLink® Secure VSA combines cloud infrastructure security and manageability with performance monitoring, giving organizations and service providers the tools they need to protect mission-critical data in motion and at rest.


AFORE CypherX empowers organizations to leverage hosted virtual applications by encrypting the data they produce and consume, ensuring sensitive information is secure everywhere, all the time, and mitigating the risks posed by APTs, malware and malicious insiders.