CloudLink® Secure VSA Overview

Organizations looking to build multi-departmental private clouds or employ public cloud services are concerned about cloud infrastructure security and manageability as well as cloud performance monitoring and optimization. CloudLink®’s virtualized security appliance and management software suite is built to address these concerns.

CloudLink VSA

CloudLink Secure VSA is comprised of three main components:

  • Secure Virtual Storage Appliance to secure tenant data in shared, multi-tenant storage
  • Secure VPN with SLA monitoring and Layer 2 and Layer 3 network extension into the cloud
  • CloudLink Center to monitor network and storage performance as well as the security of cloud-based virtual data centers

The solution offers a number of benefits to enterprises and cloud service providers, alike:

For the enterprise

  • Enterprise-controlled encryption – complete and sole control over the keys used to encrypt sensitive data
  • Flexible key management – RSA Data Protection Manager’s powerful security and built-in high-availability features can be leveraged via out-of-box integration – alternatively, Microsoft Active Directory® can be used as a key store
  • Transparent security – no application, VM or network changes required
  • Enables regulatory compliance in the cloud
  • Cost reduction through cloud adoption
  • Suitable for broad range of IaaS clouds – including those based on VMware®, CA AppLogic® and Amazon Web Services™
  • Allows easy workload migration to the cloud via Layer 2 Ethernet overlay
  • Facilitates secure back-up and disaster recovery to the cloud
  • Light-weight deployment – can be deployed within one hour
  • Powerful network performance monitoring and fault diagnostics

For the Cloud Service Provider:

  • Cost reduction through secure coexistence of multiple tenants on a single host/storage array
  • Addition of encryption services to cloud service portfolio
  • Expansion of potential customer base by enabling hosting of workloads subject to regulatory compliance
  • Powerful network performance monitoring and fault diagnostics

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