CypherX Overview

CypherX: Transparent Data Protection from Advanced Cyber Threats

Security concerns present the biggest barrier to large scale deployment of virtualized applications and adoption of cloud deployment models. In the presence of advanced and ever-evolving threats, perimeter security is simply no longer adequate for today’s virtual world. Enterprises require security policies and encryption technologies that ensure sensitive data are protected anywhere, anytime without relying on end user action. CypherX seamlessly and efficiently places applications in secure virtual containers, encrypting and managing access to all data, protecting sensitive information from cyber attackers, malicious insiders and cloud administrators.

CloudLink CypherX

CypherX delivers enterprise-controlled data security, giving organizations complete and sole control over the keys used to encrypt their sensitive data as well as the security policies defining what should be encrypted and under which circumstances. This powerful combination provides persistent protection from all forms of threats.

In contrast to other solutions, CypherX provides the following key features:

  • App Lockdown creates a secure virtual container for applications, protecting network, storage and inter-process communications with application-level granularity.
  • CypherZones extend data security between groups of protected applications, allowing a complete application stack or workgroup environment to be protected.
  • CypherX Manager provides centralized control of security policy across many virtual machines, and integrates with Active Directory and RSA Data Protection Manager
  • “Set and forget” security – allowing administrators to decide when access to data should be granted rather than having to focus on when to encrypt data and liberating them from having to create new policy every time a new method of data egress is discovered
  • Complete end-user transparency - users are the weakest link in any security measure -removing their direct involvement in deciding where and when to protect data greatly improves security effectiveness
  • Traceability via tamper-proof audit logs that detail who/what accessed protected data, when and from where
  • Ubiquitous protection independent of the applications, the virtualization infrastructure on which they run, the storage systems on which data reside and the networks over which data are transmitted

CypherX provides support for:

  • Automatic deployment - The CloudLink CypherX client is deployed automatically and seamlessly to Microsoft® Windows® virtual desktops and virtual app servers via Active Directory® Group Policy
  • Multiple Hypervisors, including VMware vSphere,  Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen and  KVM
  • Multiple Desktop Virtualization Platforms, including VMware,  Citrix and Microsoft
  • Flexible Deployment models for private, public and hybrid Cloud with enterprise control of security

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